When the 4th of July comes, you have to do it right.  If you're having people over, make sure you have this on your table.

The weather looks great for Independence Day this year.  You've got fireworks.  You have music.  The pool is open and you've spent all week cleaning it.  All your favorite people are coming over.  You're ready for a perfect Fourth of July picnic...right?

You will be, once you get all the right food.

The Fourth of July party is all about having the right meats on the grill and the perfect cold salads in the cooler.  Just make sure to leave some room in there for some incredible drinks.  Yes, you should have beer, but having a variety of things to choose from definitely makes for a better party.  If your friends offer to bring some dishes to pass this year, don't just say no right away.  Check this list to see if you have all your bases covered.

I was looking for suggestions from you for the perfect list of foods to have at your Fourth of July picnic, and you guys didn't disappoint.  You came up with a bunch of things that I never would have thought about.

What is on your list of foods that you absolutely have to have at a fourth of July picnic?  Mine is pretty simple...it's just about anything on the grill.  I love my mom's tuna macaroni salad, and some beers.  It never hurts to have some snacks to munch on throughout the day.  So dips like chicken wing dip, my wife's chili dip, and doritos are big too.

Have a great 4th of July weekend!  Enjoy it, and remember why we have it.

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