Celebrating the 4th of July in America is a time honor tradition for many throughout the nation. As Americans, it's important to commemorate the history that has helped make our nation what it is today.

Independence Day Celebrations happen in just about every community and are marked by parades, fireworks, and family gatherings.

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While many spend weeks upon weeks getting prepared for the celebration, sometimes festivities can get out of hand. Whether it's loud music, out-of-control home fireworks displays, or parties that get a little too wild, from time to time law enforcement needs to be invoiced to restore order in some situations.

A few police departments have decided a good thing is to do a little proactive policing in an attempt to help keep things under control before they go too far.

That exact thing is what the Lockport Police Department did on July 4th with an announcement they posted on their Facebook page.

In the post, the LPD wishes everyone a happy 4th of July and issues a quick warning about what would happen if they need to respond to any calls for police service due to loud music.

Facebook / Lockport Police Department
Facebook / Lockport Police Department

First off, who puts raisins in their potato salad? That by itself should be a crime. There probably should be official police checkpoints to verify the quality of potato salad and mac-n-cheese.

Kudos to the LPD for going out of their way to ensure that everyone had a safe and raisin-free Independence Day celebration.

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