This building on Transit Road has got to be knocked down or something.

There is a building that is on Transit Road that has not been used in years. You may have even gone there and had a heck of a few fun nights there, but since it's closing over 10 years ago, parts of the building have been falling off and it is an absolute eyesore.

Remember the old Hidden Shamrock Sports Bar located at 5521 Transit Road in Depew? It is on Transit between Broadway and Walden and on your right-hand side if you are going north. It is located slightly on a hill and sometimes, even though, it might be okay, think that it can at any moment crumble right into the middle of Transit Road.

I am not sure who owns it, but there is so much potential in that area, besides such limited parking. There are so many opportunities that could happen in the Depew area of Transit Road. At one point, it looks like that it was up for sale.

Right across the street is another establishment that has been so many different names over the years---Razzberries, Dee's Firehouse and so many more. There is so much potential in this stretch of Transit Road for something great to go there. There are not a very good selection of restaurants on that stretch of Transit Road. From Como Park Boulevard through Genesee, it is about a 5-mile stretch and really, not a TON of restaurants that are not chains.

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