We live in Buffalo and when you hear a storm is coming and it is hyped up to be something big enough that we need to prepare for, you think the worst: driving ban, you can't see down the street, you can't physically leave for work, etc.

This past weekend certainly wasn't a "storm". I mean, maybe by technical terms it was, but it was certainly something we can easily deal with living in Western New York.

We got to thinking...we should have a different term for 'storm'. We can get caught up in it and we buckle down and go to the store and get milk and bread and it snows 18 inches like it did this weekend and it didn't actually seem like a storm.

One guy had a genius solution: he said we should classify 'storms' by how much beer we should buy. Is it a 6-pack storm? Or do we need an 18 pack or 30 brick? haha


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