On average I'd say pictures with Santa Claus are more popular than pictures with the Easter Bunny, but it's still a thing right?  Families will line their kids up to visit the furry bunny so they can capture the memory and keep it forever.  Most times the results are funny to see. If you can imagine as a kid being hauled to a store to have your picture taken with a giant bunny.  What good could come of this?  A picture with the bunny, maybe free Easter candy?  Some kids have no problem at all and will smile and laugh for the photograph, others will cry and scream their heads off at the site of Peter cottontail.

On Facebook I asked to see some of Western New York's best and funniest pictures with the Easter Bunny and here is that result.  There are some treasures in here, I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I did.

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