A new year is almost upon us, it's now just a couple days away, 2011 flew by! Time flies when you're having fun I guess. I started reflecting and thinking about some things that I did or accomplished in the past year. These weren't things that I set out to accomplish this year they are just things that I have wanted to do but in our busy lives they are not always possible to get done. While reading my list, think of some things that you accomplished in the past year...

1. Got my Christmas Shopping done early- My wife and I decided to hit the stores on Thanksgiving night following dinner to get some great deals and to accomplish one thing, to have all of our shopping done by the end of our shopping trip on Black Friday, Success! All of the shopping was done by 8am Friday morning! It was a great feeling to have the shopping done and that is one feeling that I would like to have in 2012!

2. Tried more local restaurants- There is nothing wrong with the "chain" restaurants, but that is what my wife and I had become very comfortable with. We have been missing out on some great local eats! Over the past few months our friends (I will shout-out here) Kristan and Anthony have gotten us to try some amazing local eats in western New York and there has been a "theme" to the places that we have gone. They have all been featured on the Food Network's TV show "Diners, Drive-in's and Dives" hosted  by food connoisseur and all around cool guy, Guy Fieri. We have compiled a list and will be visiting plenty more local establishments in 2012!

3. Be more of a handyman around the house- I was never the type who tackled the repair or maintainance items that need to be completed around the house. I was the first one to call dad or my brother who are both handy to come and help with the projects. My wife has always told me to try the project and if I get stuck or can't get it done to call someone to help. In 2011 I did just that, but amazingly I did not need to call anyone to help me start or finish the project. I have unclogged drains, repaired some trim around the stairs, replaced a dining room light fixture plus some other minor projects. I have never really done this stuff before, so I will take baby steps. But there are always things that need to be done and I have gained the confidence to do them on my own! Up next, a broken shelf in a closet and some new caulking around the bathtub.

4. Watched an NFL game in another stadium other than the Ralph- Back in September my cousin and I went to Cleveland for his birthday weekend and made it a weekend filled with sports. I have always wanted to check out other football stadiums and watch other teams play besides the Bills and I did just that as I saw the Cleveland Browns take on the Miami Dolphins. Ironically this was the same week that the Bills beat the Patriots for the first time in 15 games. The Cleveland Browns beat Miami that day and while watching that game, I was using the power of my IPhone to keep updated on the Bills/Patriots score. I really enjoyed seeing a new stadium and being in the Browns home atmosphere.

5. Attended my first major league baseball game- For many years I have gone to Buffalo Bisons games and have had a fantastic time, I always wanted to check out a major league game and see what a large stadium looked like and see the difference between the major and minor leagues. I caught a double header in Cleveland the same weekend that my cousin and I watched the Browns game. It was the Indians taking on the Twins. I really enjoyed the baseball games, best part was sitting in the row directly behind the dugout, those seats were so impressive I didn't get up the whole game and my eyes were on the ball at all times. Progressive Field is great, one day I would like to see Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field, Camden Yards and Fenway Park.

6. Made it to the Pro Football Hall Of Fame in Canton, Ohio- While coming home from a family wedding in West Virginia, we made a stop in Canton and toured the Pro Football Hall Of Fame. Being the huge football fan that I am, I was in my glory. I made a video of my visit to the hall, check it out below...

I did accomplish alot in 2011 that I am proud of, hopefully you also had a year of accomplishments. Here's to 2012 a new year and new possibilites. Take some time to reflect on the past year and feel free to comment below!

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