The weather for Monday’s Buffalo Bills game in Western New York looks much better than it would have been had the game been played on Sunday. 

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Lake effect snow caused nearly 2 feet of the white stuff to be dumped in South Buffalo, forcing the Bills to move their highly anticipated playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers to Monday afternoon. 

The blizzard conditions had Bills Mafia reminiscing about a man whose name was mentioned quite a bit last winter - and ironically, that’s also his last name.  

This Is Who Plows Josh Allen’s Driveway

Last November, when Orchard Park saw so much snow that a scheduled Bills game against the Cleveland Browns was moved from Highmark Stadium to Detroit, many Buffalo Bills players saw themselves in a predicament trying to get out of their houses to get to the stadium and the airport.

We saw many posts on social media of helpful fans pitching in to plow players’ driveways to get them to where they needed to be on time. One of those fans went viral for getting Josh Allen’s driveway cleared so he could get to Highmark Stadium - a farmer named “Squirrel.” 

Squirrel Winter
X via @JuliannePelusi/Canva

Squirrel Winter (yes, that’s really his name), a lifelong Western New Yorker, became famous overnight after Josh Allen stated in a pre-game interview that he helped plow him out of his driveway with his John Deere tractor.

Ever since, every time a winter storm threatens to impact the Bills, Allen is asked if Squirrel would be ready to bail him out if he needed a way out of the snow.

Regarding his sudden celebrity status among Bills fans, Winter told Buffalo’s WGRZ, 

“It was enjoyable that I was able to be a part to help one of the team members; it doesn’t matter which one, be on that field today.”

We’re not sure if Josh’s #1 snow removal weapon assisted him in this most recent storm, but Bills fans all over Western New York know that if we need him to help out our Buffalo Bills, Squirrel will come to the rescue.

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