Skittles and PEZ candies have been around forever, but there is a push by some local health nuts to make the candies banned from New York State. The candies are apparently dangerous to your health because of some of the ingredients.

Of course, it's loaded with sugar, but that is not the debatable ingredient. There is a color additive and other chemicals that are harmful to the body, specifically in candies like Skittles and PEZ.

Parents, you might have already heard this one before. There have been certain studies done about specifically red dye and it changing the behavior in children. Now, we have all had our fair share of colored candies growing up, but NEVER did we think about this.

If you have ever heard this before, here is a little history on it. Dr. Jennifer Lowry, a spokeswoman for the American Academy of Pediatrics and an expert in ADHD said:

A 1983 study found that rats who were fed a diet of up to 10 percent of the red dye had decreased reproductive success, lower brain weight, smaller babies, and "substantially decreased running wheel activity," all of which sound pretty bad until you consider that rats, not people, were the subject and "nobody's diet is 10 percent food dye", according to

As for certain blue dyes?

It actually gets into the brain," Dr. Arnold says, though it's not known what exactly it does to the brain.

California has introduced a bill that would ban the use of Red Dye No. 3, Titanium Dioxide, Potassium Bromate, Brominated Vegetable Oil and Propyl Paraben. If passed, they would be the first in America to pass the measure and completely change the candy industry.

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