Have you every played the jelly bean game, "Bean Boozled"?

It's a game that mixes normal fruity flavors but also throws in repulsive flavors...and I mean REALLY repulsive. The game thrives on not knowing which jelly beans are the repulsive ones and the faces you make when you pick the wrong jelly bean.

There's now a version of Skittles that thrives on that concept.

According to WIVB, "Zombie" Skittles are new and just in time for Halloween this year. While the new bag has five normal flavors like Boogeyman Blackberry and Blood Red Berry, it also includes a sixth "rotten zombie" flavor. It's described as an “utterly disgusting taste experience.”

Like Bean Boozled, customers won't be able to tell which skittle is which. It's all a luck of the draw!

I'm so here for this.

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