Are you ready to see some science in slow motion? The Slow Mo Guys play with a hydrophobic surface and some magnetic liquid.

In this video, Gav and Dan of The Slow Mo Guys are donning appropriate lab coats in a GE laboratory. They're using nanotechnology to show us liquid physics, shot at a speed of 2500 frames-per-second.

Up first is a superhydrophobic surface that's being developed by GE that will hopefully be used on planes and wind power. Because the surface is hydrophobic, this means that water won't stick to it, which will reduce ice build-up. This is accomplished thanks to a layer of air that is trapped on the surface thanks to its nanoscopic structure. What it really means for us is that we get to see cool water that's been dyed with food coloring bounce around. Science!

Next up is an experiment that features iron fillings that have been reduced to the nanoscale. In this form, the particles act like a liquid. You can easily see the magnetic nanoparticles moving up towards the magnet in the video, fighting gravity and effectively blowing our minds in the process.

Whatever your stance is on science and whether or not you really enjoy it, you've got to admit that it's pretty damn cool to see all of this liquid fun happening in slow motion. The best part is that, while these things are fun to see, they could become part of our future and be used in aviation and wind power.

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