If you are the type that doesn't jump out of bed at the first alarm, this may be difficult for you.

The snooze button on your phone may be a thing of the past if one group gets it's way. Eve Sleep sent a letter to Apple’s London headquarters urging the tech giant to remove the snooze function from their clock app as part of the next iOS update, claiming it actually ruins the benefits of a good night’s sleep.

According to an article in the New York Post:

“You’re essentially multiplying the assault on your brain and body each time you press snooze, by repeating the impact on your autonomic nervous system each time you’re awoken,” he explained. I am delighted to partner with Eve Sleep on their mission to put an end to the snooze button and look forward to seeing what this campaign uncovers,” he said.

I don't use a snooze button when the 3:30 alarm blasts for a couple of reasons. Mostly because the loud alarm tends to wake the baby. But I also try to get live by the adage "you have to get started if you want to get it done" attitude.


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