It looks like your shoulders and back won't get a break this week from snow shoveling as Western New York is expected to get snow all this week.

The good news is that we won't see the amount of snow we have seen in the last two major snowstorms here in Western New York, but we will see enough this week that will need to be shoveled.

Today is will be a dry day but we will start to see the snow move into Western New York starting tomorrow morning.

There could be about an inch or two tomorrow morning and the snow will continue on Wednesday with just some flurries.

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On Thursday, the snow amount will become heavier and that will continue on Friday. The snow will come to an end on the weekend but it will be very cold on Saturday and Sunday.

The temperatures will drop to mid-teens for highs and single digits for the lows.

Currently, Buffalo is leading the country for the most snowfall so far this Winter with 73.4 inches of snow. Rochester is a close second with 61.5 inches while Syracuse, who is usually atop the list, is currently in 6th place with only 46.1 inches.

Around the country Anchorage, Alaska is in 3rd place followed by Erie, Pennsylvania, and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Here in New York State the Top 5 snowiest cities outside of Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse are Binghamton with 38.1 inches and Albany is lagging well behind with 17.1 inches.

Hopefully, Mother Nature will get all this snow out of her system soon and we can begin to enjoy Spring unless, of course, you are a skier or snowboarder, then you are sure to welcome all this snow.

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