After the hectic and chaotic November and December for winter weather, we have had a relatively quiet start to January.

There really hasn't been any significant snowfall to speak of the last two weeks and that's a welcomed change. However, there will be some changes across New York state this weekend, which will bring rain and snow.

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Before you start asking, no, this not a major snowstorm that will bring traffic to a crawl. It will be enough to cause a nuisance to residents across the state, especially those who are off Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

Friday is the day that everyone is looking ahead to, as we will see a few inches of snow across many parts of New York.

For those off Lake Erie, near Buffalo, anywhere from 2-6 inches of snow is expected. Southern and northern portions of Western New York will see 4-6 inches, with the City of Buffalo getting 2-3 inches.

As for the Finger Lakes and off Lake Ontario, 3-4 inches of snow is likely. Rochester, however, should see 4-6 inches of snow by Saturday.

Snowfall totals dip as we get into upstate New York and the Capital region. 1-2 inches of snow is all that's expected for these areas, according to the National Weather Service.

There is a growing concern of a snowy end to the month of January. That part of the month could bring New York state some significant snowfall, so just be on the lookout for that in the next two to three weeks.

February is still too far out to know for sure what that month will bring. Hopefully, it's dry and mostly snow free.

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