It has been a tough season to get your sled out in Western New York. State officials have a warning for those who plan on getting on a snowmobile.

If you drink and ride, you face a hefty fine and jail time.

According to Metro Source News:

Seventeen people have died this season, and most of the tragedies are connected to alcohol use and speeding.  Herkimer, Lewis and Fulton counties have reported the highest number of fatalities.

The snowmobile season seems to have melted away for those of us who ride in the Western New York area. It has been a frustrating season. With temperatures going up and down so often and the wind storm that have dropped trees on to the trails, getting miles on a snowmobile was not as easy as other years. Typically, the season wraps up around March 20th as spring arrives and clubs try to regroup and plan for the 2019-2020 season!

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