The summer of 2023 is almost here! However, although the calendar might not say it yet, it has felt like summer for much of the last few weeks in New York State!

The summer will officially arrive on June 21st and will last until September. There are so many events and concerts scheduled for the summer in New York State. From Buffalo to Albany, there is no shortage of fun things to look forward to! Will the weather be good for it? Hopefully we haven't used up all the nice days.

The month of April was wet and May was super dry! As we see the smoke pluming from wildfires across Canada, no doubt, it has been super dry across the region and we could use some rain. It looks like there are some showers in the forecast!

The National Weather Service in Buffalo calls for showers for much of Monday.

Showers likely, mainly after 8am. Cloudy, with a high near 76. Chance of precipitation is 70%.

Until we get some rain, the air quality is really going to be the biggest concern. As the wildfires burn and smoke passes over the Empire State, officials are warning us to stay indoors.

After Monday, the chance for showers will diminish. The good news is that we won't be getting any record heat over the next week or two.

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