In one weekend we are almost sold out for the WYRK Fall Acoustic Concert Series with Josh Turner, Dylan Scott + Morgan Wallen at UB Center for the Arts on October 17.

Hits, hits, hits all night long from these 3. (As I write this, I just said out loud "dang, Turner has a lot of hits now that I go through them all...")

They're my favorite type of concert and you know what I'm talking about if you've been to one before. The three of them will go on stage at teh same time, with just their acoustic guitars and tell you stories about why they wrote the songs, who they wrote them for and the tales behind them.

It's such a unique show. You have your beer and wine and watch these three interact with each other and you while you listen inside the greatest acoustics in Western New York. Here are some songs you should definitely know for the show coming up on October 17!


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