It's something the SPCA of Erie County has to do on a regular basis because of well-meaning people who do more harm because of the actions they take.  The SPCA again is warning people not to touch injured or abandoned wild animals because they could have rabies.

The only way to test for rabies is to euthanize the animal for an examination of its brain tissue.  Otherwise anyone suspected of being exposed to rabies must go thru a series of rabies vaccinations.

The SPCA says rabies can be contracted by more than just a bite.  Rabies can be transferred thru cuts on the skin or even thru the eyes.  So it's important never to touch wild animals with your bare hands no matter how cute or cuddly they appear.

The SPCA has a wildlife information number that is staffed daily from 8 am to 8 pm with after hours paging available.  The number is 875-7360, extension 247.  The advice is to call the SPCA if you ever come across an abandoned or injured animal.  So far this year 150 people in Erie County have been forced to go through rabies vaccinations.



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