What a scary situation. Have you ever seen a rabid animal around Western New York? Do you know how to tell if an animal is rabid or not? One woman encountered a rabid animal and it ran up and bit her. It was all caught on tape.

This woman was walking in her yard when a rabid fox approached her. The fox came running over and bit her over and over again. The retired nurse called the fox 'relentless'. You can check out the video below! It is important to note that she is okay.

In Erie County, officials try and combat rabies within animals by doing rabies vaccine 'drops'. Officials will fly a helicopter over certain spots in Western New York and drop small green packets the size of a quarter coin. The idea is that the wild animals will eat the vaccine that will help protect them from getting rabies. It is important to let your friends with pets know what these small green packets are so that dogs and cats do not eat them.

The Erie County Rabies Vaccine Drop happened earlier this August.

Last fall, my wife and I were eating lunch when we spotted a coyote very close to my house. It was in the middle of the day and it wouldn't move and the coyote was acting very strange. We figured out that the coyote, at least, had mange, but we couldn't tell if it had rabies or not. Take a look at some of the pictures below.

Does This Coyote in My Backyard Have Mange?

Look at this coyote spotted in Rob Banks' backyard.

Look At The Hidden Owl in The Tree in Lancaster

Look At The Hidden Owl in The Tree in Lancaster 

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