Two things that Bills Mafia are good at: Smashing Tables and giving to charity.  Now you'll have the opportunity to do them both at the same time.

Dion Dawkins is the left tackle for the Buffalo Bills.  He's got a charity that he calls "Dion's Dreamers."  It was started with the goal of “providing mentorship and support to young men and women in underserved communities, as well as those in a place of mental, financial, or physical hardship.

Now, with the help of COSCO (one of the nation's largest folding furniture manufacturers), they've partnered to provide that one piece of tailgating equipment that every Bills fan needs...a folding table.

It's become a thing that Bills fans are well known for.  I'm not sure where it came from but it's been around for years - Table Smashing.  Bills Mafia has sent multiple plastic tables to their final resting place.  Hopefully, though, these ones will be tables that people will NOT want to smash and instead hold onto for years to come.

These are limited edition "Let's Go Buffalo" tables.  They've got the words on the table along with Dion's famous hashtag #YouAlreadySchnow.

They're going to be giving 25 of these tables away to lucky fans, and one of them will be signed by Dawkins himself.  Applicants for the giveaway will be encouraged to donate to Dion’s Dreamers.

In addition to the ones that will be given away, there will be a limited number for sale.  A percentage of proceeds from those sales will be going to Dion’s Dreamers.

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