It was not the easiest morning across Buffalo and Western New York. Many areas had to dog out of over a foot of snow and there's even a few more inches on the way.

The cool part about living in Western New York, is that even though we have to deal with snowstorms, people here love to help one another out. That's why Buffalo is called the "City of Good Neighbors."

We also love to have fun in the snow, and something that is catching a lot of people's attention on social media involve the snowstorm and your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

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Yes, Spider-Man himself was seen snow blowing a driveway in Jamestown and it's cool to see an Avenger taking some time out to dig out a neighbor.

I love the fact that Spider-Man is still wearing a winter hat. He also needs to stay warm in this weather.

There is more snow expected in Western New York tonight, maybe a few inches through tomorrow morning, so we're not quite done with the snow. The good news is the worst of it is over.

Mother Nature gave us the full spectrum of winter these last three days. Bitter cold (Saturday), warmer and sunny (Sunday) and snowstorm (Monday).

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