One thing we do really well here in Buffalo is eat and drink. The local food places are out of this world in the Queen City, and the craft beer scene is amazing as well.

Over the past decade, Buffalo has seen an explosion in new breweries opening up and the great part about the brewery scene in Western New York is that it's one big family. No one brewery is competing with another; they all support each other, which is awesome.

You know about Resurgence, Hamburg Brewing, Pressure Drop, Thin Man, Ellicottville, Southern Tier, 12 Gates and Big Ditch; but there's another place that is about to open and it will do so this Friday in downtown Buffalo.

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Spotted Octopus Brewing has been teasing their Edward Street location since last year, as they worked on remodeling their new location at 41 Edward Street building and making their craft beers.

They finally got the green light from the New York State Liquor Authority and will debut their brewery on Friday at 4 pm!

The inside looks great as well.

They are right down the road from Founding Fathers and next to Saint Louis Roman Catholic Church.

Parking will be available on Franklin and Main and the lot on Pearl.

My friends and I love going to places like Resurgence, 12 Gates and Pressure Drop; so we can't wait to try out Spotted Octopus.

The love and dedication is evident and just in time too; as we work our way into warmer days in the coming weeks.

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