Spring cleaning is awesome and horrible at the same time.Getting started is hard but once you're done you feel so accomplished and ready to take on the world. it's not so much the vacuuming where you normally don't or deep cleaning the kitchen that is hard...it's getting rid of clothes. It is so hard to part with clothes even if you forgot you had it! Why is that? Why is it so hard to decide if you should part with a shirt or old pair of pants?

HelloGiggles recently wrote and article on just this topic and even had a few ideas on how to come to terms with your clothes and your closet. These are great things to help you decide if you really need to keep that shirt you got two years ago for answering a trivia question right! I even added a few suggestions because I'm such and expert. LOL



  • PaulPaladin

    Have You Worn It In The Past Year?

    Listen, if you haven't touched a piece of clothing in a year there is obviously a reason why! Unless it's your goal outfit during your weight-loss journey chances are you're not going to be grabbing it in the next year! Get gone!

  • 2

    Does It Have A Great Memory Attached To It?

    I had a drawer full of t-shirts that I was never going to wear again but they all meant something to me. Whether I had picked them up on my travels or they were from different sports teams I was on in high school they just sat there. I was never going to wear them again but I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of them. So I decided to make them into a quilt (that I then folded up and put in the closest). The point is you can keep the memories without taking up space in your closet or drawer.

  • Maryia Bahutskaya
    Maryia Bahutskaya


    Will this pair of pants you've been holding onto eventually be back in style or are you just grasping at straws? A LBD will always be an LBD and that makes sense to hold onto but you know you have some items in your closet that will never be "in" again so get rid of them!

  • Jupiterimages

    Have Another Pair of Eyes!

    This is something that I've done in the past and it has helped me so much! When you have someone helping you clean out your closet you will get rid of a lot! Your friend will tell you the truth and what you had been on the fence about parting with get pushed one way or another real quick! If you say "well, I might wear it again!" they will tell you real quickly that you won't or you shouldn't!