I am a sucker for the story of the underdog.  I just love the struggle that ends in victory.  It's a story that the Springville Football team has lived this year.  Today they are playing at Ralph Wilson stadium for the Class B championship and although the game hasn't even been played yet, these young men are winners already.I've often said that there's more to be learned from football than what happens on the field.  It's never been more true than it is with this story.  Three of the players have lost their parents in the last 5 months.  They start the season 0-4 only to fight back and win their last 5.  Now today they take on an undefeated 9-0 Alden team at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

They would be the first to say Springville isn’t the best place, but it’s their place. It’s their slice of small-town America, their little secret, in a way that Norman Rockwell would illustrate if he took a bus to Mayberry. -Bucky Gleason

I could not agree more with that statement.  I am proud of my hometown.  It's a community where everybody knows everybody's names. I'm sure looking at it from an outsider's perspective it doesn't look that great.  But from a guy who grew up there, Springville is a pretty great little place.

I wish all the young men who are playing at the stadium the best of luck this weekend.  I was blessed to be able to play there twice when I was in high school and they were two of the most vivid memories I had from high school.  Enjoy every minute of it. And to the Springville team, you've made this former Griffin proud.

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