A blizzard warning is in effect for many parts of New York State. As schools are closed and many flights and meetings across New York are canceled, this could be a historic and deadly storm.

As the forecast gets more focused on the winds, the power outage map is expected to get busy. The big issue will be the deep freeze and the threat of bitterly cold temperatures. Before things start to get better, we have to get through a bomb cyclone and that won't be easy.

Governor Hochul has already issued a state of emergency for the region.

New York Governor Hochul is declaring a statewide state of emergency as a winter storm starts moving in. Governor Hochul is urging anyone trying to get to their holiday weekend destinations to wait until the storm moves out on Sunday, which is Christmas Day.

The snow will pile up as high as three feet in some spots. However, the winds at 70 miles per hour will cause white outs and impossible travel conditions. Much of the state roads will be shut down to travel and if you plan on flying, plan again. Most major airports are already closing their runways.

Be safe and stay home! It may be a good idea to check on neighbors that are elderly or need extra attention. It's going to pass. But it may be a struggle this holiday weekend.

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