We've heard of athletes bragging about all kinds of physical attributes.  But this one might be a first from one of our own Buffalo Bills.

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How many times have you heard an athlete say they were the biggest, or the fastest.  Maybe they brag that they have the "biggest arm" because they can throw the ball the furthest.  Or a wide receiver says they have the "best hands" because they can catch everything that comes their way.

It's not uncommon in a profession where everything that they do is based on competition for them to have to be the best at everything.  But seriously...this is a first.

We know Josh Allen looks good in shorts.  We know that Joe Namaith once did a panty hose commercial.  But this isn't about either of those guys.

Stefon Diggs has claimed that he's got the best hands in football in the past.  Now...he's claiming to also have the "best legs."  But it's not because of how they look.  Check out this catch...

While doing a promo for Pro Bowl Weekend, Diggs was seen floating in a pool in what looks like Las Vegas and he's catching passes being thrown to him.

The first don't seem like anything that we wouldn't see in a normal game.  They're both one handed catches from the star receiver.  The first is with his right hand.  Then he catches one with his left.  But when they throw that third ball, he catches it between his legs.

Diggs will have a chance to show off his skills again this weekend as he takes to the field to represent the Bills at the NFL Pro Bowl.  This year it will be a series of three flag football games which should actually be a little more entertaining than the half played tackle game they've played over the last few years.

The festivities continue at 3pm Sunday on ESPN and ABC.


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