It was a big week for football for those with the last name of Diggs.

Here in the Buffalo area, we know that Stefon Diggs is one of the best receivers in the NFL. Many of you may have a sign on your front lawn urging people to vote for him for mayor of Buffalo!
But it was his brother Trevon who had a huge night on Monday night football against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Trevon Diggs plays for the Dallas Cowboys and had a pick six interception on Monday night football.

The NFL season has brought some great highlights especially this past weekend. There was a 66 yard field goal that has become the longest field goal in NFL history. There was also a 109 yard return from a kick off that will go down as the longest return in NFL history as well.
As far as the Buffalo Bills are concerned, it was a great weekend for quarterback Josh Allen. Allen was also in the running for the Fed Ex Player of the Week and had an incredible Sunday afternoon at Highmark Stadium The Orchard Park.
The Buffalo Bills will return home this weekend to take on the Houston Texans in a 1 o’clock game at Highmark stadium. Although it was not a record day for Stefon Diggs this past weekend, he still appears to be the number one receiver for the Buffalo Bills and the primary target for Josh Allen.

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