The Cincinnati Bengals are preparing to play the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium this Sunday. It's the second straight year the two teams will meet in the AFC Championship game.

The Bengals defeated the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Divisional round this past Sunday at Highmark Stadium.

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However, you would think the Bengals have more free time based off the tweets of starting cornerback Eli Apple.

Apple's tweets have gone viral today, as he made fun of Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen on Monday night and that extended into today.

One tweet caught the attention of a lot of people, because it seems to make fun of Damar Hamlin. At best for Apple, it's extremely bad optics.

That caught the attention of Bills defensive end Shaq Lawson.

Apple responded.

Diggs then responded to Apple, claiming he is chasing clout.

Apple showed he always has his Twitter app close by.

Before those replies to Diggs and Lawson, however, Apple did send out a tweet that states he didn't make light of the Damar Hamlin situation.

Eli Apple's "thing" is trolling on Twitter. He knows, players and fans know it. Some of the tweets were not especially good, especially that Hamlin tweet (again, even if he wasn't referring to Hamlin, it's bad optics to even put yourself in that situation) but players just have to ignore him.

The Bengals are about the most confident team I have ever seen that still has two games left to win the Super Bowl. They have to get by the Chiefs and then the Philadelphia Eagles or San Francisco 49ers...

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