Nowadays it seems anything an NFL player wants to make a statement they do it passive-aggressively using social media.

When he wanted a new contract with the Arizona Cardinals, quarterback Kyler Murry deleted all his photos of the Cardinals from his Instagram page. After that happened, there were tons of reports from NFL insiders that the QB was not happy with the team and wanted a new contract.

It seems this might be the same approach that one Buffalo Bills superstar is doing as well after Bills GM said a contract for this player wasn't on his front burner.

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Over the weekend, Bills superstar wide receiver Stefon Diggs went and deleted all the photos on his Instagram account. Could he be upset with Brandon Beane after Beane told the media that signing Diggs to a contract extension is not a top priority for the team right now?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

Unlike Murray who also unfollowed all Cardinal-related players and team members, Diggs who has 1.2 million followers is still following Buffalo Bills players like Josh Allen, Dawson Knox, and Dion Dawkins. He is currently following 840 people but now has no photos on his account.

It seems that in 2022, scrubbing your social media is the way superstar athletes are getting messages to their teams. Instead of holding out, complaining in a press conference, or having a source leak the info, superstars are taking matters into their own thumbs and scrubbing their social media.

Most people follow their favorite athletes so when they make a major move like deleting all their photos, fans will notice.

Diggs is currently under contract through the 2023 season.

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