Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs has been a godsend for the Bills franchise and the Western New York community.

Since being traded from the Minnesota Vikings in March of 2020, Diggs has become one of the top four or wide receivers in the NFL.

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He’s on pace this season to break his Bills franchise records of 127 catches and 1,535 yards; set back in 2020.

Diggs has also been an outstanding member of the Bills off the field. He’s been involved in the Buffalo community and has completely bought in to a Western New York way of life.

Diggs has also gotten more time on television and on social media with advertisements. He’s been in a few Snickers commercials over the last year and has also been in M&T Bank commercials this season.

The latest features Diggs playing his own version of Family Fued, called Fan Fued.

Questions are given with the top three answers from Bills fans. Diggs has to guess one of the top three said answers.

One question was “what’s one stadium concession you can’t live without?”

Diggs said “hot dogs.” That was the third most said answer.

Then they revealed the second most said answer, which was pizza logs…Stefon had no idea what they were.

Diggs: “what’s a pizza log?”

Background: “WHAT!?”

Diggs: “Never had a pizza log. Add it to the bucket list.”

Pizza logs are not really a thing that’s known outside of Buffalo. They’re essentially an egg roll wrapping with cheese and pepperoni; with a side of marinara sauce to dip.

I’m shocked that Diggs doesn’t know what they are, given the fact he’s been here for three seasons now.

Get Stefon a pizza log.

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