Stefon Diggs has been busy this off-season.  He's been doing a lot of speaking engagements.  This week he even showed his catching skills during one.

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Stefon Diggs has been busy this off-season

Stefon Diggs hasn't been heard from much in Buffalo.  Once the season was over, he quickly grabbed his things and got out of Dodge.  But he's still been busy.  He did a bunch of interviews outside of the 716.  He was able to get some face time around the Pro Bowl.  He definitely said some things during interviews around the Super Bowl that turned heads.

Diggs spoke at SXSW

Recently he was speaking at SXSW which is a conference set up to help creative people share ideas and achieve their goals.  It's taking place in Austin, Texas this week and Stefon was speaking about working with Starbucks when he was offered a bottle of water.

This is where we got to see the old Stefon Diggs again.

Suddenly it was a game.  He asked the guy that was bringing it to him to just toss it.

"I might catch it," he said.

It was after he told the guy that he should just toss it that he started second guessing himself.  He said, "If I don't catch it, it's because I got a suit on" and followed it with a huge laugh.

Luckily, he caught the bottle of water without a problem and got a good laugh out of everyone.

Diggs restructured his contract

People in Buffalo have been able to breathe a little easier after the news came out last night that the Bills and Diggs were able to restructure his contract to save around $5.4 million in cap space.  It helped to kind of quiet the rumors that have been floating around for a few weeks that he was looking to get traded.

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