The Buffalo Bills report to training camp next week, which means we can finally start preparing for the 2021 season, as many Bills fans expect the Bills to make it far.

The team is coming off its best season since the Super Bowl years of the early '90s and it's safe to assume the season would be a disappointment with anything less than a Super Bowl appearance (or win) this season.

Technically, we are still in the offseason though, which means plenty of free time to go over some things that might not even relate to football. That's certainly the case with Bills star wide receiver Stefon Diggs, and a tweet he made on Sunday that goes pretty much against everything people from Western New York know about saying the word, "pop."

Or, should I say, incorrectly calling it pop instead of soda. That's what Diggs thinks and he took the time on Twitter this weekend to make sure everyone knew it was called, "soda."

If you were raised in Western New York, then you know many here call it pop. Yes, I know, many elsewhere in the country do in fact say soda, but it's just something Buffalonians do -- calling it pop, instead.

Diggs had many Bills fans in his replies disagreeing with him, although most of it was in good nature.

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I do say pop, as well. I can't really say I think it's more correct than soda, it's just something I've done since I was a kid and haven't changed.

If Diggs catches another 127 passes this season, as he did in 2020, he can call it whatever he wants though.

Go Bills.

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