Truth be told, my fiancee and I are currently looking for our first home. We've been renters for a while and are currently starting the process of putting finances aside for a home that we can purchase in the future.

Certain aspects of a home you are looking for include a great kitchen, multiple bedrooms, enough yard space, and other amenities such as central air, hardwood floors, and walk-in closets.

I saw a home for sale on Zillow and obviously wanted it, but then you see the price tag and go "in my dreams."

Still, it's a gorgeous home and is in Newfane along Lockport Olcott Road.

The Zillow listing is an asking price of $2.5 million and the estate features six bedrooms and five bathrooms with an amazing backyard and outdoor swimming pool.

There is also a basketball court, gazebo, and huge patio that looks amazing, especially with the privacy the home offers.

The bedrooms are crazy-nice and the living areas are spacious with plenty of hardwood floors and furniture.

It's currently one of the most expensive homes for sale in all of Western New York.

I love the backyard and bedrooms -- definitely my favorite aspect of this huge home in Niagara County.

Check out some photos below, courtesy of Zillow.

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