Where last year we were watching David Letterman and Jay Leno still battling it out for late-night ratings, the future looks very different now that 'The Colbert Report' star Stephen Colbert has officially been announced as Letterman's replacement, to compete with the already-installed 'Tonight Show' with Jimmy Fallon. While plenty of questions remain, Colbert himself will drop by Letterman's 'Late Show' next week to shed a little light on the future.

According to CBS, Colbert will appear on the Tuesday, April 22 installment of 'The Late Show with David Letterman,' having guested on at least two occasions in the past. We'd imagine that Colbert will provide a clearer image of his true late-night persona, rather than the 'Colbert Report' character that many mistakenly presumed to be his natural personality.

Apart from Stephen Colbert's 'Colbert' character, it also remains to be seen which of Letterman's classic bits might make the transition to the new 'Late Show' in 2015, which has not yet set a date for Letterman's retirement. Most suggestions also pointed toward 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' staying at New York's Ed Sullivan Theater, despite strong pushes from California in the wake of Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight Show' departure.

What do you think? Will Colbert's first 'Late Show' appearance since the announcement clear up what kind of hosting to expect next year? How would you want to see Colbert transition from 'The Colbert Report' to David Letterman's seat?

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