The Buffalo Bills' star wide receiver followed in the footsteps of safety Jordan Poyer by holding a fan's baby but many noticed he may need more practice.

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It's becoming commonplace for Bills players to hold babies! Last week it was Safety Jordan Poyer who melted hearts by holding a baby., which you have to see, CLICK HERE. This week it's Stefon Diggs.

Diggs, as many players do after practice, was signing autographs for fans along the fence. That's when he came across a woman in a red Josh Allen jersey and her very young baby. She looked VERY nervous handing the child over, but to be clear, she asks him to hold the baby, which he does. He might need some more practice, though.

Now, Stefon, you may need a little work here because babies need their heads supported when holding them. The mom definitely looked a little nervous, too, but again she asked him to do it and he did. So to be clear we're not hating on Diggs. Just noting that he may want to take notes from his teammate Jordan Poyer is all. Many fans pointed this out:

We still give you props though, Steph. Nice of you to give the fan what she wanted. It's not like the baby was hurt and that family will have stories forever from this experience.

Buffalo Bills training camp for 2022 wraps up on August 11. Their first pre-season game is Saturday, August 13 at Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park.

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