A few weeks ago I had a post here on wyrk.com about how Tiger Woods had fired his longtime caddie Steve Williams. To me, it was pretty shocking because the two had worked together for 12 years and won all of those tournaments together.

Yesterday, I caught a bit of the Bridgestone Invitational in Akron, Ohio.  Australian Adan Scott claimed victory for the 18th time in his career. It's was his first World Golf Championship. After the win, the crowd erupted into cheers, but not for Adam Scott. The crowd was yelling, "Stev-ie Will-iams". Yes, Adam's caddie is Steve Williams who used to work for Tiger Woods. The TV crew first interviewed Adam Scott, and then they interviewed Steve Williams.  I thought my ears were going to fall off my head when I heard Williams comment on the victory. Yahoo.com has the rest of the story.

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