Every athlete grows up dreaming of emulating their heroes. Not many actually get to do it. According to Golf.com

The spot is titled Ripple to represent the ripple effect Jack Nicklaus had on Woods and Woods had on McIlroy. It chronicles a young McIlroy watching Woods on TV and in person and picking up his practice habits (and trademark fist pump) during his own training. One portion of the video was filmed at McIlroy’s childhood home.

It even gets as detailed as turning back to Rory's old practice habits when he was young just chipping golf balls into his family's washing machine. The Masters that kicked off Wednesday in August will be Tiger's first time playing a major in over a year and he has not won the Masters tournament since 2005. Not shocking, but definitely uncommon, Tiger Woods finds himself ranked out of the Top 100 in World Rankings currently at 111.

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