There's a major snowstorm that is already starting to ramp up in Western New York.

Winter Storm Warning is in effect for all of Western New York, with that going until 7 am on Monday morning for Erie County. It goes until 3 pm on Sunday for Niagara County.

The wind gusts will reach 65 mph today and 50 mph on Sunday. Anywhere from 1-3 feet of snow is expected with the worst of the storm being tonight and into Sunday afternoon, according to the National Weather Service.

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Blizzard conditions are possible with the lake effect snowstorm, due to the high winds and heavy snow band. Because of that risk and the safety of fans and all who would be going to the Buffalo Bills playoff game vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers tomorrow, the game has been moved to Monday.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced that the Bills gams vs. the Steelers would move to Monday at 4:30 pm. That's due to public safety and not because they're worried about playing the game in the elements.

There's also a travel ban for Erie County, starting at 9 pm.

However, despite that, many NFL fans are making fun of Buffalo, assuming the game was moved because they didn't want to play the game in that weather.

That criticism is coming from people who have never been through the adverse weather that Western New York residents have been. Former Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson said on X (formerly Twitter) that Buffalonians shouldn't take those people seriously.

"They only know the weather from as far as they can see during games," said Johnson.

Stevie also says that life and death and safety, more important than football.

A few dozen people died last Christmas, because of blizzard conditions. Emergency services will need to be elsewhere and not at a football game. This weather makes it impossible to drive. You cannot see in front of you. That's why this game was moved.

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