There has been a string of thefts in Chautauqua County that police and sheriff deputies are warning residents about. According to reports, someone has been breaking in to storage areas and campers and taking valuable items from them.

According to reports, the thieves have been particulary busy in the Dunkirk area of Chautauqua County. Have you seen these stolen dirt bikes?

Stolen Dirt Bikes in Dunkirk

Officials say several dirt bikes were taken last week from a storage facility on Bennett Road. In addition to the stolen bikes, a TV was taken from a camper and two other campers were damaged when someone tried breaking into them.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Investigator Vara at 716-753-4910

Because the weather has been so mild this year, it has been easy for thieves to approach some of the rural storage areas. If you own property or store valuable items, it may be a good idea to add extra locks or lighting if possible. Using cameras or trail cameras may also be a good idea.

These thefts are not unusual these days unfortunately. In the past few months, similar break ins and robberies have been reported around Erie County. ATV's, dirt bikes and trailers have all been part of the items that have been taken.

The forecast is calling for heavy winds over the next couple of days and it may be a good idea to check on your RV or camper if you have them stored for the winter in an outdoor location. The strong winds can pose a mess for windows and doors that are not latched properly.

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