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Jenni Shubbuck, a mother from Lockport, wants to thank someone for changing the end of her 2013.

It’s this time of year that we hear all these stories of Christmas miracles and people doing extremely kind acts, but it’s extra sweet when they happen right in our own backyard.

Jenni was struggling this year to put presents under the tree for her young son Chase, as she lost her job back in October and was even having problems paying her rent.

She was shopping inside the Walmart in Williamsville, and two strangers approached her. It all started when a man and his young daughter saw her pick up a Thomas the Train toy, and after she saw how expensive it was, she put it back on the shelf. The man and his daughter came up to her and asked:

Well, would you buy it if you had the money?

She said yes, but she didn’t have that kind of money. Then, the man pulled out three $25 gift cards and left. That’s when she wrote in to WIVB:

"I told him he didn't have to and he said that him and his daughter were blessed so much this year and they just wanted to help somebody else out. I'm just so thankful that he was there. And when I got home, I wrote to you guys. And when I went to bed, I actually prayed and thanked God for having that man sent to me," said Shubbuck.

The man did not tell her his name, but to try and thank him, she will be posting a video of Chase opening his presents on social media in the hopes he will find it. She will be keeping the used gift cards and putting them in her son's baby book, so she can tell him the story when he's older. And some day, when Chase is around the age of the man's daughter, she hopes to pay it forward and make a family's Christmas wish come true.

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