A group of students have been suspended at St. Bonaventure University in Olean, New York over what officials say was a violation of protocols.

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According to reports, 21 students for breaking the school's COVID-19 protocols. Officials say the students were involved in off-campus parties in Allegany and weren't following the required health and safety guidelines.

The students will not be allowed back until they have gone through the schools disciplinary hearings.

Colleges have been closely monitored since the beginning of the current semester. It was just a few weeks ago that SUNY released a series of videos and messages encouraging students to mask up or be sent home from campus.

Keeping students from having parties seems to be the biggest challenge for any institution. But how can a student be suspended for an off-campus violation? I could understand a quarantine mandate regarding those who attend a party that has a large group. According to the school, students were asked to sign an agreement that they would not break the rules regarding gatherings and COVID-19. There suspensions are a result of that violation.

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