The COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on the country's finances, and it appears Western and Central New York are among the worst in the country.

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According to WGRZ, a study that was the analysis source of a New York Times article on Monday, projects that Buffalo's government will have a 15-20 percent shortfall in revenue for the current fiscal year.

Buffalo's projected numbers are more than twice the national average (150 cities total).

The only city suffering more from the financial hardships of the pandemic, according to the study, is Rochester, NY.

Syracuse was right behind Rochester and Buffalo, landing Western and Central New York the hardest hit in the country. New York City and Detroit were the next cities on the list.

I've never seen a year like 2020, as have any of us, and to hear this news is disappointing and troubling to say the least.

Hopefully, the region can rebound into 2021, and yes, hopefully 2020 ends sooner than expected...

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