I will warn you upfront that this is a disturbing video.  It's not gruesome, but it's disgusting. There's no blood, but it's violent. It's a shame that this ever happens, but unfortunately it happens more than people think. What you are about to watch is a substitute teacher who is scared to death of her students...for a good reason.

She is being threatened. So much so that at one point in this video, the student in question has a desk above his head that he is taunting her with.

I would imagine most people are going to do just what I did when I watched this video.  Where does the blame lie? Do we point the finger at the student who is visibly out of control? Do we blame the teacher for not having better control of her class? Do we blame the students who don't jump in to help but instead pick up their phones to make sure to capture it all on video?

My first thought is the parents of that student. What have you been teaching your son?  On how many levels is this wrong? I was raised to NEVER hit a female. Ever. Yet this kid seems to think that it's ok to not only tell her what to do but to threaten her with physical harm if she doesn't do it. Secondly, not only is that teacher an adult (which should also be treated with respect), she's your teacher.  She's there to help you. And this is the respect she gets?

It's a joke, but there's nothing funny about it. I know that not all parents raise their kids like this kid but we see it all too often: snotty, the only thing that matters is me types of kids that think rules don't apply to them. Who does this kid think he is?  It's disgusting.  Parents need to step up.  Not when their kid gets arrested and they're bailing them out of jail, or picking them up from detention but early in their lives.  Teach them about respect and show them what it's all about.  Be the example for your kids.  Otherwise, if this is where our country is headed, we are in trouble.

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