For those who attend college or university in New York and are struggling to pay their bills and debts especially after the year we just had, there is good news.

According to reports, The State University of New York school system plans to eliminate most of the debt that students incurred during this COVID crisis for many CUNY and SUNY students. Millions of dollars are being set aside to help those who need assistance. reports that

The state's 2022 budget included $3 billion in stimulus money for SUNY and CUNY, and lawmakers set aside much of it for financial aid directed toward the neediest students.


It took me over 15 years to pay off my loans for college. I attended Canisius College and Buffalo and was only using a little assistance based on a few grants but the rest was on me to pay for following graduation.  It was a struggle to say the least. But this week it was announced that there is some relief coming in the form of grants and debt and tuition relief for those who struggled to get through the pandemic and the 2020 school year.

Many are saying the pandemic is still very much a real thing as new mutations of the COVID-19 virus pop up and that could mean another bout of dealing with tuition burdens for students and families in the upcoming school year.

It will be interesting to see what the upcoming school year looks like not only for universities and colleges in the western New York area but also for grammar, elementary and high school students as they return.  I would guess that masks will be mandatory at just about every school and perhaps there will be more remote learning to deal with this year. Well we all have been getting used to this over the last year or so, it still makes it tough for families who are trying to manage childcare and work.

Contact your local SUNY school advisers or admissions and financial aid offices for more information on how you can claim or try to get your student debt relief.

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