If the tables were turned and the Buffalo Bills made it into the Super Bowl, Buffalo would have done the same thing.

The city of Cincinnati has declared the day after the Super Bowl to be a holiday; at least, it will be considered as one by Cincinnati Public Schools and other Tri-State districts.

After the Bengals secured the AFC East championship win over the Kansas City Chiefs, Roger Bacon High School principal Steve Schad announced there will be no school on Super Bowl Monday, Feb. 14. 

Cincinnati Public Schools soon followed suit, agreeing that the district would be off on Super Bowl Monday as well. 

In a letter sent out to parents, Cincinnati Public Schools announced that staff and students will be off on February 14 to celebrate “what we believe will be our city’s first-ever Super Bowl victory.”

Another local district superintendent also  announced that students and staff will not have to come to school the day after the Super Bowl in celebration of the Bengals' appearance.

Southwest Local Schools took a similar approach, but they wanted to do some good before canceling classes for the day after the Super Bowl. An email sent out to families suggested that classes would be canceled February 14 if the district can raise $9,400 by Friday for The Sam Hubbard Foundation. 

While you may be able to cheer for and be happy for the Bengals and their fanbase, any Buffalo fan would know that the party that would happen in Western New York when the Bills win the Super Bowl would surpass anything that the NFL has ever seen. 

When that day comes, I’m guessing the celebrations would go a little something like this.

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