We all know that it had to happen.  The Bills were going to cut players today because they had to.  But most wouldn't have guessed these ones.

The NFL only gives teams until a certain time to decide who is going to make the team and who is going to have to find another job.  Today was that time and so the Bills had to make some moves.

The good problem that the Bills have now is that they find themselves having to make tough decisions on some really good players. The biggest downfall of being a really good team is that you can't keep everyone.  You still have to have the same roster size as everyone else in the league. In the past, it was pretty easy to decide who wasn't going to make the team.  The names that we hear getting cut these days are often big ones.

Today was no different.  The Bills cut some that most expected, but then there are some that were pretty surprising.  Most weren't starters, but there are some that when they were brought in easily could have challenged for a starting position.

The biggest surprise today in my mind was easily OJ Howard.  While he was a college standout, he's had a hard time proving he can be a game changer in the NFL.  Granted, he's had some ankle and foot injuries holding him back.  He's a really big guy but wasn't able to separate himself from the pack enough to show the Bills brass that he was worthy of a spot on the team.  That was just a miss by Beane and crew that will now cost them some money.

The tricky part is choosing players that you think other teams will not snatch up.  While many thought that Isaiah Hodgins should've made the team, Dan Fetes made this point as to why they chose to keep Jake Kumerow over Hodgins, aside from his ability to play special teams:

The good news for many of these players is that just because they were cut today, it doesn't mean their time with the Buffalo Bills is done.  They can still be picked up for the practice squad and elevated for play time later in the year.

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