There's been a lot of speculation going on social media that pets were being poisoned and experiencing signs such as vomiting and bloody diarrhea. Though at Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Cheektowaga one vet says that there have not been any confirmed cases that have come through the door yet.

In fact, they speculate it is a virus that has a seasonal outbreak rather than a poisoning, kind of like the flu. Doctor Stephanie West from that Cheektowaga Clinic says it's

like the flu virus parvovirus is common, but there are certain seasons when there’s an outbreak. And she says right now there’s an outbreak of parvovirus in dogs across Western New York. 'The virus does live in the environment a long time. So if you have one dog who has parvovirus and that dog has contaminated the environment let’s say he had a little diarrhea in that one spot, your dog walks by and maybe he chews on a stick there or maybe he licks his paws now he gets it,' according to WIVB.