Sylvester Stallone is launching his own line of men’s clothing inspired by his two most known movie characters, Rocky and Rambo.  The designer of the line claims the line will be geared toward the ‘rebel and the gentleman’.  Okay that doesn’t say much to me because I’m still picturing red headbands, tight torn t-shirts and American flag underwear.  Funny thing is I’m that that far off.  According to The Guardian , the fashion line will feature jeans, shirts, outwear, underwear and watches.  Eventually it will expand to eyewear, fragrances and athletic shoes.  The fashion line will simply be called “Stallone” and will target men age 25 through 40.  Some of the key pieces in the collection are:

-A deluxe headband (I knew a headband we be part of this collection, lol)

-Silk boxer (not sure if they’ll be red, white and blue)

-A belt that will include gold hardware (ala Rocky’s title belt, lol)

In an interview with mensweek magazine, Stallone said: “I hope what worked for me will work for others.  I really believe I have an understanding of the male psyche on all levels.”  Fall is the target for the line release date and Macy’s is said to have an interest in it.