Opening Day Party
The final curtain call for Mickey Rats will be at the end of this year, so they're getting the final season started with a huge bang! Opening day at Mickey Rats and Captain Kidds will be on April 21, the club announced last week. This year Wendy Lynn will be back out there every Friday for Coun…
Topless Beach!
Show off what your mother gave you! Well, maybe not in front of the kids, right? It is NOT illegal in New York State to topless tan, and Woodlawn Beach is not an exception, but some parents are not happy that it is happening in front of their kids...
5 Things To Do In WNY
We may have finally turned the corner on the weather front. This weekend’s forecast is looking picture-perfect for Western New York!
Spring Break 2013
Buzzkill Alert!!  Students and partiers please don't read this post.  Parents...this one is for you.  Did you ever wonder what kind of mischief your son/daughter is getting into while on Spring Break in Daytona Beach, Panama Beach, Puerto Vallarta or wherever they are headed?&nbs…
Classic Beach Prank [VIDEO]
It's true, summer fun at beaches is just about over, but there is still time for one more beach prank.  I kind of feel bad for this unsuspecting young lady, but hey, pranks know no gender in this case.