'i quit'!
One man has just had enough of his job. He had to tell management somehow that he would not be returning to work tomorrow, and he thought this would do the trick.
Liz's Kitchen: Pistachio Pudding Cake Recipe
THIS is probably one of the BEST cakes you will ever have! It's so easy to make too! This cake is so flavorful and the opposite of dry! The kids will love it too because it's green! This recipe if from our neighbor in Akron, Ohio! Her husband is a very talented chef but she has some pretty…
From Real Cheese
I thought I've seen it all at weddings.  I've seen some strange things go on, people wearing different things, but I've never heard of this.  A hot trend in Wisconsin is apparently to have a wedding cake made of cheese.
Coolest. Cakes. Ever.
This cake debuted this past weekend at the Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings' Wedding Expo.
They say this is something that is going to take off being the new trend in weddings and over-the-top occasions. This is perfect for weddings, as the video textures can be customized to the wedding theme …