The 3 Most Iconic Buffalo Bills Fans
Buffalo BIlls fans have been ranked the #1 fans in sports before, the #1 tailgaters in the NFL and probably we would rank fairly high in the beer consumption too.
Buffalo isn't all about breaking folding tables and slamming beers, though...
Bills Fan Set On Fire
There hasn't been one week where Bills' fans had a video going viral after a tailgate at The Ralph this season. I swear that the fans tailgating each week try to out-do last week's stupidity and honestly, it's quite entertaining.
We've seen it all -- the RKO guy, the dizzy ba…
Saddest Fan Ever
This mom told her son that Fred Jackson was cut from the Buffalo Bills today and this was his reaction. I feel you, kid; I feel you.
After a decade of spending with the Buffalo Bills, Jackson will likely be picked up elsewhere to start the NFL season...
Bills Fans' Fight
A lot of trash talk goes on during football games especially during opposing fans, but as a human being you should know when enough is just enough.
A fight between a NY Jets fan and Buffalo Bills fan at MetLife Stadium this weekend ended in a savage knockout ...
Pats Fans Document
You're from Boston wearing a Pats jersey and constantly filming and walking past Bills fans. What do you expect?
Well, those fans they went home and accused us of all of these things. Whether they're true or not, what do you think?
As you know the TBSports crew was up in Buffalo, for live ho…
Bills Fan's Big Fall
If you were watching the Buffalo Bills-New York Jets game Sunday afternoon, you may have caught this incident. One man, who was not reported intoxicated (at least not yet), was sliding on a rail somewhere in the 300s sections when he fell off and landed on another person in the 200s.

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